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Part VII

A False Reality

         Look, I know you may feel stuck. You may be full of your flesh, full of sin again, or in full-blown rebellion. You may feel completely apathetic, weary, and hopeless. Or maybe you're just at a standstill. You've tried to give your whole self to Jesus but fail, ending up back at square one. Believe me, I know all about this! But it's a LIE!
          You are not defeated! Everything you've been living outside of Christ has been an illusion. By illusion I do not mean imaginary. Rather, it's all a result of deception. It's all the result of the dominion of darkness in your life. The kingdom of darkness is a literal kingdom that rules the earth. All those who do not abide in Christ's kingdom, even if they "got saved" remain subjects of the dark kingdom. But for those that did receive the seed of the truth of God's kingdom, who haven't really connected with it, their true reality is one of victory over darkness. But because they haven't connected with this truth, yet, their lives are byproducts of dark kingdom deception; hence, an illusion. That may sound ridiculous but it is true. Everything, the entire cycle of your life, has been because you simply have not connected yet to KINGDOM POWER! I don't care how "terrible a Christian" you've been with your flesh and sin, it's because you haven't truly connected with the truth. You know full well the Bible says that you will KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!  John 8:32.  So, that's the problem. You really don't know the truth yet.
          And how can I say this with certainty? Because that's my story. I'm living proof that coming into the truth for real literally does set you free!
          For decades I was an avid Christian... following protocol, going to church, serving, giving, obeying, worshiping (I'm a big worshiper), praying, and seeking God. Though the Lord taught me numerous things one on one from 1989 through 2009 via dreams, visions and experiences, and though I learned all the prominent teachings routinely taught by the corporate Church, I was still STUCK. I remained defeated! Come September 2009 when, once again, my back was against the wall with injustice, I went head to head with the Lord. I needed answers or, as I told Him, I was NEVER going to speak of Him to anyone again. Because I was done being a fool that promotes my God when He never shows up on my behalf. I was such a joke to everyone that knew me, especially and painfully, my children, because I always professed God was good. Yet all they saw was my defeat time and time again. Everyone I knew was far better off than I ever was, while I was the one that loved the Almighty. I was the one that was a daughter of the Most High God to (seemingly) no avail! I was tossed to and fro like a rag doll. My life was no testimony to the goodness of God which I faithfully proclaimed. I was nothing but a joke.
          But suddenly, something broke! And God brought all the supernatural teachings He'd personally taught me together, and He gave me great revelation, and suddenly my life was finally on the upward spiral for the first time ever! 
          The bottom line is from 2009 forward, because of the revelation and new understanding, when I would study the Word of God, I began to see that I never really KNEW THE TRUTH of the Gospel. Not really. And so many aspects of what I did know via the popular teachings of the Church, were simply incomplete or off kilter. I began to see how the enemy has infiltrated so much of all that goes on in the corporate body. But as I dug in and grasped the REAL truth for myself, THINGS BEGAN TO CHANGE. And the kingdom of darkness lost its power over my life! The more I aligned with the real truth, the more I saw the enemy defeated in his tactics against me! And the false reality I'd been living was dismantled, while my true reality took form!
          I'm telling you, I knew what most everyone else knew about the Bible but didn't actually know the real truth of God's Word from 1989 to 2009. I didn't. My belief system was all messed up! And this is why I was defeated all those years. And now that I know that I know that knowing the truth really does make you free, because I'm living proof, I have set out to teach the real truth - to make my brothers and sisters in Christ free, too!
          I don't care how defeated you think you are. The POWER of the truth is a seed inside of you because you took the first steps towards Christ. Now all that needs to be done is you need to get to know it and align with it, and you too will be free! 
          Forget what you feel. Forget it now! Disregard it. It's empty noise. It's all an illusion because you're rightful reality is inside of you waiting to be aligned with via the truth. Everything you are experiencing now is a FALSE reality occurring outside of the TRUE reality. All you have to do is connect with YOUR TRUE REALITY. 
          Still think you're defeated? STOP! You aren't. It's your false reality! Take heart. You may still experience manifest defeat for awhile. But don't worry about this. God told me once that today's circumstances are a harvest of the previous season's seeds of doubt. Meaning, what you see today is a harvest of what you've planted recently via your faulty belief system and sin. Don't fret over it because all harvests die! To the contrary, dwelling on it, complaining about it, or worrying over it, is sowing those same seeds for a new harvest to grow. So don't! See that your current harvest (all your circumstances) will die and your new quality seeds of truth that are being sown even this moment will indeed grow! But as it is with any harvest, you must give it time! KNOWING it will bear fruit! So I repeat, see your circumstances as a dying harvest and that it's all a byproduct of your false reality which is being usurped by your true reality - even now as we speak!
          Please know that this program will align you with your true reality!  Again, this is going to take a little while because there's a lot of aspects of your belief system that need tweaked; and it takes time for new harvests to replace current harvests of lack and problems. But for now, regardless of where you are, how addicted you are, how angry you are, how defeated you are, how depressed you are, or how stifled you feel, etc., it is IMPERATIVE that you know that it's all your false reality. Make this known to your soul! Give God praise right now telling Him how thankful you are that the mess or even just the apathy, confusion or lethargy of your life is all false. It's not your rightful reality! Thank God that the seed of His Kingdom Power is deep within you, waiting to be watered and brought to life!  Amen.