Section 1

Put On Your Spiritual Sunglasses

          We know full well that Ephesians 6:12 tells us that we wage not against flesh and blood, but the powers and principalities of darkness.  Yet we still deal with and perceive the circumstances of life, how people treat us, violations and injustice, and everything else, through the understanding of our flesh.  We know there are dark powers ruling the air, yet, we can't see past our carnal senses. As a result, we perceive that the family member that's rejecting us is strictly their heart towards us. Or the boss that's underestimating us does so strictly because of their perspective of us.  Therefore, we're easily hurt or offended, devastated that they think, feel, or act the way they do towards us. Completely disregarding what Ephesians 6:12 tells us.
          Whether you're a person that's lived a life of hell, with injustice and mistreatment at every corner, perhaps rejection or abandonment, or more, or whether you've been fortunate to not have been born into a life of abuse, everyone needs to come to respect the truth of Ephesians 6:12 once and for all. Because if we continue dealing with or perceiving the situations of life from a carnal perspective, having no regard for what's going on in the spirit realm, then we're not "seeing" from the eyes of our spirit which means we are not operating in the kingdom of God. And this is wrong. If we believe Jesus is God in the flesh, if we believe Jesus is the King of Kings, if we believe that the kingdom of God is here in the earth and that we have been born into it, then we must act accordingly which means realizing the issue isn't that so and so rejected you. The issue is there's a platform of work behind so and so rejecting you.  There's an organized system of trouble makers assigned to your life to work through usable sources to stunt you, stifle you, paralyze you, squash your spirit, and more.
          Understand that the devil and his minions do not have their own bodies to operate through (at least they don't at this time), otherwise, they would! But since they don't, they must influence humans to do their bidding. They whisper in their ears "Isn't he stupid!" Or, "Look how great she thinks she is". Or, "Don't give her the promotion, she just wants your job!" Need I go on? No. You get the idea. The enemy works tirelessly striving to use people to work against each other. Most people are gullible and have no idea the hatred or disgust, twisted perspective of or critical spirit that they have towards someone is because they're being fed ugly ideas and thoughts. Unfortunately, because they are inclined to or approve of such evil, they quickly bend their knee to the enemy's every suggestion and act out as per the inspiration.
          So it's time we put on our spiritual sunglasses and look to see what's REALLY going on in a matter behind the scenes. Then we'll not be as hurt or offended. I mean, vioations still sting. Even if you can see the demon whispering something into someone's ear and then experience the person yield and belittle you, it still hurts that they would listen to the devil and choose to be cruell. But at least if you can see the reality that the person is obviously vulnerable to be so usable, it's easier to choose to respond according to the ways of the kingdom of God - which is forgiveness, patience, peace, joy, kindness, and love despite their ugliness.
          Make it a point to put on your spiritual sunglasses everywhere you go. Ask God to help you see what's going on behind the scenes in the spirit realm. Literally ask Him to show you where He is standing, where your angels are, and what particular demons are present and what they are up to. Scan the premises. You most likely won't see things right away but this will establish your resolve that you want to know, and God will begin to give you understanding. You might never actually see exactly where the demon is standing but God will reveal what's going on in your knowing. You'll discern there's a demon up to something and what it is. This will help you not fall for its stunt or be so hurt as things play out. And as time goes on, you'll become more knowledgable as to the details, so much so that if someone comes against you, you'll be filled with the Spirit of God, discerning their broken heart or something and will be compelled to pray for them right there while they're still vomiting all over you. Not always, but the point is when you truly get to the place of respecting Ephesians 6:12, you'll deal with things so much differently. And you won't carry the baggage, "Why did so and so say that? How can she treat me like this? What's wrong with me? Why does she hate me?" Please remember that everyone has their issues. And the bigger the holes are that people have in their hearts, the more usable they are to offend people of God. So, you truly do not have to wonder whatsoever why someone hates you.
          The bigger question is why does the devil hate you so much to be giving you such a hard time every time you turn around. And the answer is... because he needs to mess you up, get you all out of whack, so that you won't be who you are called to be in Christ. Because the devil is terrified of who you are meant to be in Christ Jesus.
          And here's something to keep in mind... If you do have a history of being rejected, bullied, abused, abandoned, defeated, insulted, or belittled from various sources all your life, it's because there are demons assigned to continue inciting these situations against you. But here's the deal: They're able to keep doing it because it works. You've been receiving the abuse, so to speak. Meaning, if they insult you, you believe what they say. And if you don't believe it, you wonder why they believe it, giving the garbage merit. This empowers the enemy to continue doing the same. But what will happen if you'll be diligent to look at every matter through the eyes of your spirit, seeing what's really going on, you'll stop engaging with the garbage. You'll stop taking the abuse or injustice to heart. You'll stop wondering why this and why that.  You'll stop believing what they say. All because you know there's an agenda to shut you down - and because you'll know who is really behind so and so's perspective of you. And what will happen is these age old strategies that used to trip you up no longer will. So, eventually you'll put these particular demons out of commission. They'll see their missions aren't being accomplished. Their efforts will become futile. So, they'll eventually stop. And where there has been a lifetime of rejection or whatever, you'll see God's love manifesting instead.
          Do me a favor... If you are able, get yourself a pair of sunglasses from the dollar store and set them in a place where you will notice them regularly, so to remind yourself of Ephesians 6:12. Or do something else to help you begin looking at every situation conscious of the spirit realm and always inquiring of the Lord, "What's really going on here, Father? What's this all about? What do you want me to see? Open the eyes of my spirtual understanding!"  In Jesus' Name. Amen.