Section 1

"After 6 successful months, I slipped back into pornography..."

          As I've shared previously, and as you have probably experienced time and time again, whenever you press in to God, the dark kingdom has to kick things up a notch to hinder you from chasing God. Since you've begun this program, the enemy has been working more adamantly against your excelling in Christ and overcoming dark kingdom influence in your life. The powers and principalities of darkness must diligently work to stifle your progress. 
          After the first two weeks of starting the program, one of the members wrote me to report that they were struggling to do week three. They proceeded to say that simultaneous to being stifled, they fell back into pornography as well, despite successfully resisting for six months, and became quite discouraged. They expressed they are fed up with this sin and want to move on.
          The following, as per their approval, is my response:
          "Hello John/Jane Doe,

          Thank you for sharing what's going on.

          Okay... The most important thing to God is your heart and what I discern in your heart is that you hate this problem that you have. Your spirit wants to be one with Christ. This is a repentant heart. This is right standing with God. Knowing you are corrupt and need His blood to cleanse you to make you righteous is what makes you right with God. Which is your situation. Even right now!!! Even though you fell into this sin again. No, I'm not making excuses for you. True, it is wrong and it shows that the dark kingdom does have power in your life via some deep soul allegiance within you. And it's not good for the enemy to have any authority, true. But this is what you are working to change as we speak. Meanwhile, the most important thing is you do not want to be submitted to dark kingdom policies. Though something in your soul is still addicted, your mind, heart and spirit are against it!  This is your heart. So this is why the devil does not have full authority and influence over you anymore! Because, ever since the first time you yielded in repentance to God and submitted to the reign of Christ, the devil lost significant authority over you! The only authority he has left is where your soul is still out of alignment with truth which makes you vulnerable to his tactics and suggestions. And he capitalizes on these. But that's why he is not able to control you with this sin all the time. That's why 6 months could go by with you successfully resisting. But because the minions assigned to your life know you VERY well, they know how to set you up to fall still. They know how to work on you, pushing just the right buttons at just the right time, even down to influencing your hormones by tempting you with foods that will make you vulnerable to the temptation. And of course, you know that because you signed up for the program, they had to work triple duty to ensnare you. 

          I'm not saying you are not responsible because you are the one (just as I am, too) that bows to the devil. But the point is that your soul and belief system is in a whirl wind still. You know and believe some of God's truths, yet your soul only knows what it has experienced, so it has a mind of its own. This is why God had me make the program, to help people at soul level, where the devil still dominates. God showed me that for most of His children, including me, though our hearts are 100% for God, our souls are controlled by darkness based on all the past influences and charades of the devil. Plus all false programming, false teaching, even subtle false things in the Church, also keep our souls from aligning with the Father in order to experience His manifest reality, power and goodness in tangible ways in our lives. 

          So realize that what's going on with you is only because of all this discombobulation that is in your soul. And that you fell again because the devil is working VERY hard to hold you back, to keep you from pressing in, discouraging you because he knows he can do so by making you fail. So the best thing you can do for yourself and against the devil right now is rejoice that God knows how disgusting we are in our sin but that He loves us any way! Rejoice that God is working hard to deliver your soul far more passionately than the devil is working to keep you down. That's what's happening right this very moment. He woke me up just so I could answer you. (It's 3:33 in the morning in the USA right now as I am typing this second!!! WOW!!!)

          Okay, so, do NOT feel discouraged, that was the whole plan of the devil!!! Know that the disgusting aspects of our sin, and even the lusts of our flesh, do not shock God. What He sees more than anything with you is your HEART to PLEASE Him. He feels so very loved by you because of this! Because of how badly you do not want to have this sin or any other sin! Being both loved and believed by us are the two prominent things that God desires from us, above all else. Well, you have both of these - to whatever degree, right now. True, sometimes you bow to your flesh and evil. But other times you resist them and bow to the Spirit. This is the very war going on in us that Galatians 5:17 speaks about. But here's the thing: as you come into more alignment with truth, as you get more rooted in Holy Kingdom reality, namely at soul level, you will love and believe God more and more! And then the power of the devil to lure you into pornography or any other sin will be defeated. Once your soul is put into order, you'll not be controlled by this sin and lured into it so easily any more! The only vulnerability that will remain is if you do not remain centered in and abide in Christ.

          So don't focus on your failure, focus on the extent God has gone to deliver you from it (at the cross)! And focus on the extent He is still going to, to raise you up out of it all! And in so doing, it will play a role in defeating the devil!"

          I am sharing this response to this person with you, the reader, because if you have regressed back into sin recently, it's because the devil has to keep you tangled up because he is afraid of your coming into more alignment with truth - which becomes a problem for the dark kingdom. I know how horrible it feesl to fail. I've shed plenty of tears over my own repetitious sin. But I've learned failure, even disgusting gross failures which make us feel so ashamed, are merely who we are apart from Christ. And I'm not mortified or devastated by this reality any more which has played a huge role in my experiencing manifest victory! The devil cannot use this against me because the tactic no longer works.
          So please... Chin up. Face the truth so the devil can't use it against you anymore, either. Accept that, apart from Christ, you are dirty dust. Even if you don't do dirty things, you are. And if you can fully acknowledge this, you won't be so mortified and controlled by it. Drive it into your soul that God loves you despite how terrible you can be at times! Look at all He's done for you despite it! Focus on that and get over your shame. Don't let the minions assigned to hold you back win. Tell them you know you're a sinner but that Jesus loves you. Tell them what God has done for you far outweighs how disgusting you could ever be. Meditate on the reality that God is constantly fending you off, working to deliver you from evil, to give you a way of escape, to teach you truth and draw you out of the pit. Rejoice in this and be passionately conscious that God is for us.  Seeing God for Who He truly is and what He truly does is one of the most prominent aspects to nullifying the power of the dark kingdom. So start today, refusing to allow your "failures" to continue to be tools the enemy can use against you, to control you and your pursuit of the kingdom of God and His righteousness. Simply repent, yes, for the 9,472nd time, for slipping back into pornography or whatever other sin. This repentance does count, don't doubt it for one second. Know that your repentance shuts down the dark kingdom on the spot. Amen.