Section 1

Symptoms of Severe Dark Kingdom Dominion Despite Belonging To Jesus

          Is your life a cycle of ups and downs? Do you want to move forward through Christ, but find yourself going in circles with the same old things? 
          Many people, despite belonging to Jesus, spend decades inching along in the Christian walk, never really getting where they know they're supposed to be. This is because, though under the blood of Jesus, they're still vulnerable to the kingdom of darkness. And in some cases, the dark kingdom maintains dominion over their lives. When this is the case, the believer will have the following symptoms ongoing, or off and on through the decades:                                                            
  • lethargy
  • cycles of defeat
  • hopelessness
  • poverty or
  • financial set backs
  • never getting ahead
  • opportunities that always hit dead ends
  • a sense of powerlessness
  • a sense of suffocation
  • a sense of limitation
  • feeling constricted
  • feeling trapped
  • feeling paralyzed
  • lack of motivation / ambition
  • procrastination
  • lack of focus
  • easily distracted
  • foggy mind
  • aimless/loss of vision/direction
  • indifference
  • apathy
  • consistent weariness
  • suicidal thoughts
  • isolation
  • depression
  • inability to pray
  • inability to worship
  • inability to study the Word of God
  • feeling inferior to peers
  • feeling inadequate
  • feeling you're a disappointment
  • feeling people think poorly of you
  • being qualified but overlooked
  • doing great things but getting nowhere

          When these symptoms are cyclic or, worse, constant, to whatever degree if even subtle, you can be sure that these believers are likewise prone to or have a history of any number of the following behavioral tendencies:

  • ​bitterness
  • resentment
  • anger
  • worry
  • anxiety
  • fear
  • self-pity
  • pessimism
  • selfishness
  • insecurity
  • inferiority
  • self-hatred
  • not understanding or comprehending God's love
  • doubting anyone can love them
  • pride
  • promisuity
  • fornication
  • lust
  • addictive tendencies
  • suspicious
  • ​divisive
  • being defensive
  • self-preservation
  • needing to be heard
  • needing to be understood
  • needing to be recognized
  • needing the approval of man
  • fearing disapproval of man
  • being needy period
  • self-indulgance
  • self-destruction
  • over-indulgance
  • impulsive
  • obsessive
  • confusion
  • being manipulative
  • self-medicating
  • idolatry
  • etc.

          Now many of these behavioral tendencies could possibly be the result of a medical condition such as an imbalance in brain chemistry or a methylation or hormonal issue in which case I believe even these are a result of very strategic works of darkness. Regardless, these behavioral tendencies are coping mechanisms people take on due to their history of bad experiences. For example, a child that experiences repeated rejection will take on fear of rejection, insecurity, need for recognition, etc. A child that isn't loved will take on any number of behaviors such as anger, self-medicating, idolatry, and more. A child that is ridiculed wil take on pride and bitterness, etc.
          The following is a list of strategies of various assaults against heirs of salvation that the dark kingdom will put into effect against children who the enemy knows will grow up to become a threat.  Especially in homes that have not given dominion to Jesus, where the dark kingdom has legal access. The enemy will work through parents, siblings, other family, guardians, teachers, playmates, and even strangers:

  • abandonment
  • negligence
  • bullying 
  • terrorizing
  • antagonizing
  • tormenting
  • repetitive disappointment
  • defeat
  • injustice
  • heart break
  • scorn
  • repetitive rejection
  • belittling spirits
  • controlling spirits
  • rigid, cold, insensitive spirits
  • intimidating spirits
  • manipulative spirits
  • condescending spirits
  • critical spirits
  • not being loved
  • lack of affirmation
  • not being believed in
  • being despised
  • being disappointed in
  • not being valued
  • abuse (verbal, sexual, emotional, mental, etc)
  • repetitive loss
  • repetitive violations
  • repetitive injustice
  • repetitive trauma

          When a child or even an adult undergoes such continual, strategic assault(s) as listed above, they are programmed in the soul to operate out of fear and many other non kingdom of God conditions for survival's sake. Even after they get to know Jesus, their souls are very indictrinated and programmed to operate independently from the truths of God, in doubt of Him and confident in the let-downs, in an effort to protect or validate themselves because "nobody else will". Regardless, operating in these ways if even to a minor degree is an agreement with and submission to the dark kingdom and gives the enemy legal ability to adversely influence or dominate their lives, which is why they can't overcome the above symptoms no matter how hard they try. What the believer needs to do is come out of submission to this wrong programming in their soul and into security in Christ in order to be delivered from the dominion of darkness, and for the power of the enemy to be broken off their lives.
​          If you recognize what's discussed here as your personal experience, be it to a small or large degree, please realize that God's already been working to bring your soul out of the false programming it has been operating in. If you feel overwhelmed or hopeless, please remember that the power is in your faith, not in your will and certainly not dependent upon what you've experienced. To date, most everything you've experienced was likely a big show put on by darkness to convince you how afraid of them you should supposedly be - and to convince you how much God doesn't care about you or how incapable He is to bother stepping in to help.
          You know faith comes by hearing the truth of the Word of God.  And you may know many aspects of God's truths. But what I've found is when our souls are indoctrinated via a lifetime of dark kingdom rule, we struggle to connect the dots of truth in order to grasp it so that it will make the change in us. I have found in my personal life that it was not until I connected the dots of truth that everything came together. And that's what this program is here to accomplish. This page alone has revealed truth to you which should have begun connecting some dots, which will serve to set your freedom into motion. Realize, the truth really does set us free. The only reason the enemy has ever gotten away with anything in anyone's life is because they lured them AWAY from God's infalible truth and into agreement or fear or alignment with wrong ideals and lies. Therefore, coming out of alignment with these false perspectives, beliefs, and practices literally nullifies the power of the devil on the spot. Which is why the enemy works so very hard to keep you discombobulated, overwhelmed, confused, preoccupied, sidetracked, flustered, upset, disappointed, hopeless and/or weary. So that you don't connect to the truth and its power to overcome.
          So do not be discouraged. Please spend some time right now just thanking God. If you are not feeling it, that's okay. Do it anyway. It's called a sacrifice of praise which means you're doing it because God deserves it even if you are upset and don't care that He does. Just do it. You'll be activating God's power - regardless of what you feel. And don't think, "Well, I'll be lying if I praise God right now because I'm feeling negative/angry/whatever".  Not true. You are not lying. God is still worthy even if you aren't feeling how worthy He is. 
          You may also feel like you'll never overcome your personal issues and false programming. But that is NOT TRUE. I don't care how you feel right now. Your feelings aren't relevant.  But the truth is relevant. Trust me. I lived in a very defeated place for decades! I know what it is to feel like it's hopeless and that nothing will ever change - including me! But God gradually got more and more across to me and THAT'S what made the difference. KNOWING the truth. And not just knowing it in my head - but knowing it in my innermost being, deep down in my soul! When my soul got it, things changed! So, rest in that if that's all you can do right now. God has brought you to this program to shed light on the truths you need that will do the work in you. YOU cannot overcome false programming and false behavioral tendencies EXCEPT that you connect with the power of God that is in you. And the only way to connect with it is to discover it. Which is what you are doing right now. Amen.