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Part II

Dark Systems

         We know that God is sovereign. There is none like Him. And He is above all things - including every power of the enemy. But it appears the enemy has the upper hand in the world and EVEN in the lives of God's people! Countless believers don't experience victory over the devil but, instead, routinely suffer great assaults. I'm not talking about trials that God permits for the sake of refinement. I'm talking about believers who have unexplainable dark clouds following hard after them. And this is baffling. It leads many into confusion or despair wondering why God won't deliver them. 
          Though this will sound cliché, it's true nonetheless:  God HAS delivered everyone that believes on Him! But see, that's the point... His deliverance is manifest for those that believe! Now I know you are obviously a devout follower of Christ who certainly believes in Him, or you wouldn't be here! But hear me out.
          Several years ago, while consecrating myself to the Lord, He said, "Paula, you believe but you don't believe." I teach this story in full later in the program, but bring it up now to make a point. The thing is that though I adamantly believed Jesus was the Son of God, God in the flesh, the Great I Am, that His ways were right and true, and that His death redeemed me of my sins, there were so many aspects of His kingdom that I was not walking in alignment with. And the fact is, alignment with truth is one and the same as believing. On one hand, yes, I totally believed. On the other hand, I didn't.
          God showed me that the hidden areas of my unbelief were to my downfall. Because where I didn't believe God, I unwittingly placed confidence in the ideals of the dark kingdom.  Unbeknownst to me, I was bowing to the devil which gave him legal access to me. Consequently, he had a measure of freedom to interfere with my circumstances!  
          There were many dark systems in place in my life whereby just about everything I put my hand to was derailed or sabotaged! Walls continually barricaded me, and injustice may as well have been my middle name. Because there was dark interference with everything I did. Again, it wasn't about the types of trials everyone deals with once in awhile. This was about being followed by dark clouds.  And despite pressing forward against the resistance for decades, I never got anywhere. Because the dark systems methodically made sure of it. All I ever managed to do was just get by.
          Briefly, just as God assigns His angels as ministering spirits to help and serve His children, the devil has his own angels assigned to God's children as well. Of course, their mission is broad. First, they strive to keep the person from submitting to God and receiving Christ as long as possible. Second, they strive to inundate the person with as many false ideals, idols, and perspectives as possible so that when they do come to Jesus, they'll be confused deep down and will lack clarity of heart and conviction. Third, once the person does submit to Jesus, the dark strategists strive to keep the person bowing and yielding to old ways and old belief system so that they won't excel in Christ, and especially in His power and authority; and so they have legal rights in their lives. And finally, in so much as the dark powers maintain legal rights, they strategically set up dark systems with various dark angels each having their own organized assignment to keep the person where they want them. For example, one minion might be assigned to setting the person up for sin or failure. Another's job is to keep reminding the person of certain things that trigger downward spirals. Another might be responsible for making sure friends, family and colleagues poke and jab them in the particular ways that will incite certain negative responses. Still another might be assigned to not allowing the person to accomplish whatever endeavor they are attempting, such as getting the promotion that they truly deserve, or even finding a job that pays properly. And yet another might be assigned to their dreams, to taunt them or stir up painful memories or wounds to keep them bound and aimless. While another might be assigned to keep them from connecting with the relationships God has for them; or keep them from receiving the blessings, provisions, gifts, or even wisdom that God sends to them. And on and on it goes. It's very well orchestrated and very real. Of course, these dark systems are only possible and effective where there is legal access - and when a believer doesn't know how to exercise the authority of Christ.  
          These were the types of dark systems that dominated my life for decades. I'm sure there're many more. Regardless, they are no longer effective in my life. I believe they've been dismantled or merely become devoid of power. Either way, these mighty forces are no longer mighty against me! And let me say, after beating your head against the wall for years over being at the mercy of such darkness, you can't imagine the joy of finally seeing it all dismantled - all because you finally came into alignment with truth! I am living proof that God delivers. But I'm also proof that deliverance directly correlates with ones belief system! I WATCHED my life CHANGE as my belief system did! 
          Oh, the enemy is still around. I still discern the dark kingdom and recognize the strategies they still attempt. That's par for the course so long as we're still on earth. Trials are still a part of life, also. But, what's different when your belief system comes into alignment with the real, complete truth of the Word of God, is the enemy loses legal access! The devil suddenly has to work super hard to get anything over on you or hold you back. True, he may score here and there, but he knows the control and liberty he once had over your life via the profound dark systems he had in place which successfully confounded you... are behind you! Once you come into this place, there's no going back. You cannot unlearn what you know. So, the devil is defeated.
          Satan KNOWS this. He knows that if your belief system is brought into alighnment with the truth and you grow up in Christ's authority that not only is the power he's had over your life going to be lost to him forever, but that you'll become a PROBLEM for his kingdom. So he is working VERY hard right now to thwart you from this. Understand that the devil doesn't want you to begin and COMPLETE this program. Because he'll lose his reign over your soul. So, please... Be sure to complete this porogram if it's all you do. And watch as the dark systems are disabled.