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Part III

Do This First:  GO TOUCH THE EARTH! 

You may find this strange, but hear me out. As I'm sure you already realize, there is an assault against the physical and mental well-being of mankind in this last hour. Things have been set up in our world (depleted over-processed foods, chemicals and heavy metals in the air, water and foods, big pharma,  EMF radiation, etc) which inundate, disturb and break down the physiological, chemical and biological processes of our bodies.  In so doing, the enemy can manipulate and oppress humans through these vast physiological vulnerabilities. Namely believers.

One of the tools set into place to pummel the well-being of mankind is the inundation of electrical field toxicity, simultaneous to our separation from the earth's electrons.

It is a scientific fact that the earth is loaded with electrons that, when connected to any living thing including plants, animals and humans, they transfer life into them, and perform many amazing processes in these living things to keep them well and thriving. One of the processes is the electrons are antioxidants which collect toxins to remove them from the body via the body's elimination systems. I have personally researched this and experimented with the validity of the power of earth's electrons to improve the well-being of living things. The first test I did was on a plant I had in my house. Two weeks after purchasing my poinsettia, it began to wither, petals began turning black to fall off. I remembered about the earth's electrons and connected the poinsettia to the earth (research 'earthing' to find out how). Within a week it looked brand new, full of vitality and brilliance. And it lasted for three more months! By St. Patrick's Day, it was time to say good-bye. I saw with my own eyes, the power of the electrons of the earth!

But since the 60s and 70's when leather (conductive) soles on shoes were replaced with rubber or plastic, mankind has become more and more separated from the earth and its electrons. Rubber, plastic and things like dead wood and asphalt separate the feet from the earth's vitality. Consequently, we became less connected to one of the most powerful life bearing sources available to mankind. It's amazing how we'll spend billions of dollars a year on health products to get well while most are clueless to the best health resource available in the ground they no longer walk on.  I've come to understand that the earth's electrons are as important to our well-being as sunshine, water and fresh air. In fact, seeing how there are millions of nerve endings in our feet which transport these electrons all throughout the body instantly upon contact, there's no question - God put electrons in the earth to help us be well. Yet, not only do we overly protect our feet with shoes that forbid the electrons from reaching us, but we live in buildings that are not grounded themselves. Even in high rises that are all the more separated from the electrons the higher you go. 

Simultaneous to the separation from earth's electrons, the world is polluted with insanely high levels of electro smog. Long before cell towers and wifi, even. Ever since electricity was introduced, where it's not grounded and shielded as well as it could be, it causes both electrical fields and magnetic fields to fill its surroundings. Especially in enclosed areas. I know this for a fact because I have various meters and have measured it all. I can tell you that in my own home which was built in the 50s, where the upstairs wiring was not grounded as opposed to the downstairs wiring which was, the readings on my laptop or cell phone chargers are insanely high upstairs while they are only slightly high downstairs. So these fields have been plaguing us for many decades already.

Then along came antennas for radio and later television. More fields. More frequencies. And finally, along came the inundation of the high frequencies put off by cell phones, towers and any wifi device. Not only are these devices EXTREMELY high in magnetic fields AND electrical fields, especially while charging, they're also super high in radio frequency fields while communicating with the towers.

It's all too much to lay out here. Please research it more deeply. For now, I am just giving you an idea of the facts behind what I'm about to tell you to do. The bottom line is if you live in a home or work in a building:

  • built before 1980
  • even worse, that is high off the groud
  • even worse, with power lines attached to your bedroom wall or where you spend a great deal of time
  • even worse, that's near major, high tension power lines and / or antennas or cell phone towers
  • in a dense city as opposed to lesser populated areas
  • and you use electronic devices a lot (be it a computer, tablet, video games, cell phones)
  • even worse, in enclosed rooms
  • and you never really have contact with the earth

Then you need to go touch the earth right now - if even for two minutes!

Go touch the bare earth or even a tree, with your hands or feet, if possible. If it's cold outside, even just one minute will drastically help. Another thing that helps you discharge is if your plumming is all metal, your bath or shower may be grounded which means showering will help as well because the water should be carrying the electrons from the earth through the grounded pipes. However, if it is not easy to make any contact with the electrons in the earth even for just a few minutes a day, there are earthing products on the market you can use in your home (although I made my own). See They sell bands or mats you use to connect to the ground outside so that the electrons can travel through them to your body when you wear the band or touch the mat. (Just be sure to connect the products directly to the earth outside using one of their 40' cords and rod. Do not trust plugging the band or mat into your outlets even if the tester says they're grounded. I've seen where even grounded outlets are unreliable!)

Please understand, the enemy knows you need electrons and counts on your not getting them. And he knows the influx of elctro smog is very toxic to the body - especially the more disconnected from the electrons you are!  Worst of all, the enemy knows the chemical, physical, biological, neuroligical imbalances that all this causes and HE USES IT TO HIS ADVANTAGE! An imbalanced mind and body is very vulnerable

We know the Bible tells us the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.  Well, when the flesh is infiltrated with mass electrical, toxic chaos (on top of all other chemical and envioronmental toxins), it struggles all the more to live by the spirit! 

So, do whatever you can to touch the earth even with your hand if it's too cold to go outside barefoot! 

Next, STOP touching your keypad on your laptop while it is plugged in and never put it on your lap! Get a wired keyboard if possible to reduce electro toxic influx. Also, DO NOT HOLD YOUR PHONE, TABLET or IPAD while it is CHARGING. I have measured these fields and they are astronomical while they are charging, and this goes straight into the body - which I also measured! 

Next, keep your devices 4 feet away from your body while sleeping, keep your wired alarm clock far away from your bed (they're extremely high in fields!) and do not sleep or hang out in spots where power lines are attached to the outside walls, where your wifi router is located, and where electrical panels are.  Try to put a MINIMUM of ten feet between yourself and these high EMF field locations. And do not hang out in an enclosed room where your router is. Crack the window from time to time to allow the fields from the router to escape. Ideally, it would be best if you could get ethernet cords and turn off the airborne wifi signal from the router to your devices. That's what we do and it makes a huge difference.

Of course, this won't remove all of the inundation that you may be working or living in, but those are the most excessive, ridiculously high offenders. Making these adjustments and touching the earth at least a couple minutes each day to discharge and grab some life bearing electrons will help you to stabilize and not be so vulnerable to the assaults of darkness.

But just what does electro-toxicity have to do with demonic assaults?

I know for a fact the enemy uses the elctrical toxicity in the body to taunt people because someone I know who has been oppressed by darkness for decades stayed in our home once - and the bed he slept in was directly where the power lines are attached to the house. I did not know any of this back then to know what was going on, but he was convinced my house was haunted because of the things that happened while in that spot, and how badly he was tormented in his sleep. He refused to ever sleep here again.  (Btw, I know our home was not haunted because one time I saw a perimeter around the home whereby a particular demon assigned to me was forbidden from crossing to enter the home. However, the demons assigned to the man that had been successfully ruling him for decades had a field day (no pun intended) when he entered the very high electric, magnetic fields in that spot. His personal demons were able to torment him far more intensely than usual.)

And I know a Christian woman that was oppressed by darkness as well, who frequently experienced peculiar demonic things I won't go into. She was often distressed with their blatant taunting. I came to discover she lives in an older home with power lines attached to her house right where her head was while sleeping, along with her alarm clock right there AND their wifi router beneath her night stand table, AND with a bunch of cords under her bed!  Her toxicity made her so vulnerable to the demons which continually harassed her. I don't know how or why the spirit world has better access to people through their electrical imbalances and instability, but they do. God revealed and confirmed this clearly.

The final reason I know the enemy somehow utilizes electrical toxicity is years ago I personally would have night terrors of demonic assault, sometimes even waking to a demon strattling me and trying to choke me to death. Of course, the Name of Jesus was sufficient to its defeat. But the night terrors were relentless. Only to find out later, this was when I slept in the other highest elctro field smog in my home! So, I'm telling you... the enemy DOES use electro toxicity against children of God. Even if you are not experiencing such blatant manifestations, if you aren't feeling well, have inflammation, lethargy, pain in your body, mental fog, and many other things including disease, you are likely suffering EMF toxicity. And it helps the enemy's cause against you. So, seriously...

GO TOUCH THE EARTH AND REDUCE YOUR ELECTRICAL TOXICITY STARTING RIGHT NOW! Before even attempting to start the program! And then do your best to slowly become electrically balanced. This will bring physical, psychological and emotional healing to your body, in addition to delivering you out from being electrically vulnerable to demonic attack. In fact, if you ever feel the heavy pressing of darkness on your being, go touch the earth immediately and praise the Lord. You'll see darkness flee on the spot.