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Part I

Most Are Oppressed And Just Don't Know It!

          It's obvious that when someone is oppressed, this is a very problematic situation. The very definition of oppression is "prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control, the state of being subject to unjust treatment or control, and mental pressure or distress"[1].  
          But, note how it says "the state of being subject to...control."  This is the not-so obvious form of oppression we'll be discussing here. Because, though the majority of Christians are oppressed, only a fragment experience the cruel, unjust type. The rest have no idea they're oppressed because they do not experience prolonged cruel or unjust treatment. They do not live in mental distress ongoing. In fact, many people who believe Jesus is the Son of God and Savior of the world, live wonderful, productive lives - having no clue that they're oppressed by darkness.
          If you  read the definition of oppression for yourself, you'll find that a few of its synonyms are: repression, suppression, subjugation and even enslavement. 
        These terms are all affiliated with being under dominion. "Repression" more specifically has to do with restraint, prevention, or inhibition. While "suppression" has to do with subduing, defeat, and prevention. Note that these don't necessarily have to involve cruelty or ongoing distress. You can be enslaved without being mistreated by your master, for example. You can be restrained, inhibited or prevented from doing something, without crueltry or blatant distress as well.
          As I came into freedom from dark kingdom dominion, I began to recognize that part of the oppression I was in included powerlessness over the devil. Indeed that goes without saying, but what hit me was that pretty much everyone else I knew as Christians were just as powerless over the devil as I had been! Yet, they weren't "distressfully" oppressed. The first, most wonderful church I had belonged to was full of very lovely men and women of God that didn't have dark clouds hanging over their heads, for the most part. They were relatively established, excelling in their lives with their families, careers, and all else. Yet, I don't recall ever seeing the authority of Christ exercised over the power of the devil by any of them. And I don't recall seeing healing miracles. Even in "crusades". I've never witnessed anything like what we see in the Bible. Testimonies were always very general. Nothing profound.
         Jesus said we would do even greater miracles than Him, yet, though I have personally cast out and took authority over demons as well as a few other "small" but very real miracles in recent years, I've hardly done greater than Jesus. Not anywhere close! My faith is still being tweaked in this department. Because at the end of the day, it's all about faith.
          But the point is the power that the few of us do have (even to overcome sin or strongholds) is minimal compared to what it's supposed to be. Most of us never walk in victory over the flesh or sin, and every power of the devil. And this is a level of oppression. This is a form of restraint, inhibition and prevention that's on the children of God.  Indeed, there are several big name evangelists or healing ministers called into the five-fold ministry that do (or did) exercise power over the devil. In fact, there are many miracles reported on the internet daily.  But this is not the experience of the corporate body. Most of us never see, practice or experience the blatant power of God like this. Despite the fact that Jesus said, "And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues. They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover".  Mark 16:17-18.
          Well, if we all believe, then what's the problem?
          The problem is the enemy has infiltrated and tinkered with our belief system. And why blame the devil? Because he seriously HAS to keep the power of God at bay. Satan is powerless against God's power. But if he can legally prevent or inhibit a person from enduing that power, don't you think he'll be sure to try without ceasing? Satan has a lot to lose if just one believer rises up in who they are in Christ. Just one Christian that walks in God's power can "put a thousand to flight", Deuteronomy 32:30. Now that's scary for the devil! 
          You know what's amazing is Christians are so busy being afraid of the devil instead of being afraid of God for being afraid of the devil! Meanwhile, it's the devil that's really afraid. Because he cannot afford to allow those who receive the Word of God, who are born again, to come into their inheritance and power. So, since God's people are still accessible to the devil on earth, he's quite busy working to restrain them. True, believers will be held accountable for apathy and not persisting in the fight to victory, if they fail to. But the devil is right there doing everything he legally can to sudue believers so they won't excel in the power that will defeat him in their lives!
          Just because a Christian's life looks clean and pretty doesn't necessarily mean it is. But even if it is clean, as in no hidden sin or secret darkness, and they are excelling in the things of this life, that still doesn't mean they are excelling in Christ. If Jesus said that those who believe will cast out demons and heal the sick, and they aren't, then the devil has them right where he wants them. Powerless. 
          Don't confuse the gifts of the Spirit with what Jesus said in Mark 16:17-18.  This doesn't mean we're all going to be walking around healing and prophesying to the same degree as one called into the field. What it does mean is that Christians who truly believe will be able to take care of any devils in their own lives and even in the lives of those in their surroundings, in whatever way is required at the time. True, sometimes prayer and fasting is required to establish one's faith enough to contend with particular demonic high powers according to Matthew 17:20-21. The primary point of that passage being that it was due to the disciples' "unbelief" which prevented them from exercising successful authority. That's on us, yes, but the dark kingdom works diligently luring us away by the lusts of our flesh and the deceptions of our heart, to prevent us from going into deep prayer and fasting for this very reason.
          And what about the fruit of the Spirit? The Bible tells us that we should bear much fruit of the Spirit of God (Galatians 5). Though there's some, the majority of those who claim to be Christian have very little. The Church looks like the world. She deals with life with the same anxiety, selfishness, pride, resentment, and lack of self-control as the world does, to one degree or another.
          And then what about the full stature of Christ discussed in Ephesians 4? We won't even go there, for now. Just to say, here is another demonstration that the corporate body of Christ is being held back. Regardless how pretty she might look, regardless of her works and services, how much of the above does the Church truly exhibit?
          Again, the devil is not exclusively at fault. But, the point, however, is that the corporate body at large is not walking in victory over sin or in the power and authority of Christ, doing what God said we could do, if we believe, because we're allowing the enemy to reign in our lives. And, though we must take full responsiblity for this individually, please understand that the Church at large is most definitely under the oppression of the dark kingdom. 
          But not for long. God is bringing forth the truth that will finally set believers on course. This program is one of those sources. And I pray the revelational teachings here will help equip the body of Christ and bring her out of the restraints and inhibitions of the kingdom of darkness. And for the Christians who also experience relentless cruel and unjustice treatment at the hands of dark kingdom dominion, I pray you'll latch on to every point of truth here, and rise up into victory, manifest freedom, and the authority of Christ once and for all! Amen.