A Sobering Word

My Children Are Low On Oil

          My children are mine because they believe in my Son, that He died for them. My children are mine because they have love and light - MY love and light - in them. My children are mine because they do their best to obey me. My children are mine because they repent when they fail. And my children are mine because they forgive those who fail them.
          But my children are low on oil.
          The wickedness of the age is becoming unbearable. As such, the love of many will wax cold, Matthew 24:12. In these last moments before I return, there will be a dividing of those who have "a" love for me from those who actually love me. I am coming to clean out the temple! My Church, even my own, has been in adultery far too long. My children look like the world. They lust after their own desires. They love themselves as much as, if not more than, they love me. But I know who belongs to me. And I will cleanse you. I will call you out of your 'selves' and your compliance with the world...and the devil. I will set your crooked paths straight. And you will see who does and does not belong to me as well. Not all are mine.
          Those that only have "a" love for me will not stand. Their oil is extremely low. When adversity strikes, they will retaliate against me. They will have no patience. They will have no endurance. They will have no self-control. They will run out of kindness and gentleness, and give themselves over to rage. They will have no peace. And whatever love they think they're full of now - will wax cold. Because they will have...
                         NO OIL.
          But, my children, you know who you are. Look at your lamps! Your oil is low, too! How will this see you through the times of testing? Will you run out? Will your love wax cold, too? Or will you endure to the end and be saved?
          Come out of Babylon, my people! Come out of the world! Come out of the deceptions! Stop chasing false teachers and stop chasing this life! Walk after my Spirit - not your flesh! Stop leaning on your own understanding. Stop craving success, beauty, and pleasure. These things are gifts for ME to bestow upon you at my pleasure! Not for you to chase and idolize. You have stolen my reward, my glory to love and lavish you with these delights! I am forbidden from bestowing the wonder and pleasure of my creation upon you because you are too busy being entitled to it all, striving after it for yourselves! Where is my delight?
          Why do you forbid your Father from lavishing you? Why must you do it all for yourself? Why do you cut me off?
          Yet, you want my inheritance. You want eternal life. You want the power of my Spirit. You want my miracles. You want my provision and resources. You even want my healing virtue to flow through your bodies. But you cut me off! Don't you know all this, all this that I have, is yours and it is all found in my house! But you are an insolent people! You come to me, even in repentance, worship and thanksgiving, and you visit me briefly, sometimes asking for my help. But then you leave! You go back to the world to chase it, paying no mind to me or what I try to tell you as you go your way, conforming and striving to belong, to fit in, and to make life great - all in your own power, and according to your own understanding!
          Don't you know all I have for you is found in my house? In my kingdom? In full dependence upon me? In true love for me?
          "I" am your hope!
          Don't you know my gifts don't flow readily through those who want both me and this world! Don't you understand that my Spirit does not thrive in those who love both me and their lives! When will you realize my glory does not shine through those who want both me and the pride of this life! When will you accept that my power is not mighty in those who lean both on me and their own understanding! That my presence does not manifest in and through those who think it's okay to live after both their spirits and their flesh!
          You think because you revolve around my truth and have an ounce of oil in your lamp that you are right with me? You think that because you have received gifts of my Spirit means you have arrived? No! You get comfortable and forget me, and go back to the confidence of your flesh! How can I contend with your pride?
          I didn't tell you that the gifts of my Spirit were fruits (proof) of the indwelling of My Spirit! I told you unconditional love, which is selfless, kind and patient, is evidence that my Spirit is “in” you! Yet you are full of yourselves! You don't love selflessly! Your love is conditional! And it’s to your own convenience! Yet you revolve around my truth and godliness thinking you are holy despite having forgotten your first love!
          My children, wake up! My Spirit and all its fruit can only increase in those who LIVE in my house! Those who truly live in my house don't just have "a" measure of love for me, and they don't love themselves, their lives, or the world. Those who completely live in my house are safe because love me with all their hearts! They don't just visit me on occasion, pay me their respects, and go back out in the world conforming and bowing to it! I don't care how impressive their form of godliness looks! Even the unrepentant have a form of godliness! My children don't just visit on occasion, but they take me with them wherever they go. They love me! They are always mindful of me. They continually consult with me, "How do you want me to handle this, Father? Is there anything I can do for you? What do you want to teach me today, Lord? Have I done anything to offend you, Father?” My children love me so much they do not want to displease me. They constantly seek my wisdom and truth in all matters. They respond to my convictions and they repent. They constantly search me and long to understand my heart. They relentlessly seek to know all I know! They strive after the plans I have for them. They strive to know how to come into the full stature of my Son!
          My children, your oil is low because you do not love me only. You do not truly love me first. You seek me, but you also seek your life. I did not say be born of spirit and bring your flesh along. I said those who live NOT after the flesh will be set free from sin and death! But you don't even realize this because this is how far you are from me. You are blind because, though you love me, your hearts are elsewhere. And they're hard.
          My children, I know you who are mine. But you do not live for me alone. You are bowing to self and the kingdom of darkness, and this is why you are unstable. You are weak. You are plagued with disease. You are tossed to and fro like rag dolls by the adversary. You are vulnerable to his schemes because you don't KNOW WHO YOU ARE - because you do not know who I am! Many of you don't know me very well at all. And the rest of you don’t know me as well as you could! And you believe the Liar over my infallible Word and Love! Don’t you see, you are vulnerable because you live by your flesh as much as you live by your spirit!  Meanwhile, you have no clue that... your flesh can hold...
                                              NO OIL!
          Your flesh can bear NONE of the FRUITS of my Spirit! Do you think the appearance of patience in those who are not mine is real? Put them into the fire and see how long it lasts! Do you think false churches that think they have great love, while they actually live after their flesh, have unfailing, unconditional, holy love? Is it mine? Will it uphold in the hour of testing? No! 
          My children are mine because they have MY love in them! Pure, selfless, righteous love.
          Your lamps are low in this oil, my children! And the time is short! Start filling your lamps now while you still can! Walk after my Spirit and be filled to overflowing with love - which does not boast or envy, which is not self-serving, which is kind and patient. Be filled with patience and endurance. Be filled with unexplainable joy and peace that transcends understanding! Walk after my Spirit and be humble with a contrite spirit. Walk after my Spirit and be filled with self-control.  You need to be filled with this oil!
          Seek me! NOT this life! Live life "in" me, "through" me and "for" me! Lay yourselves down, take up your cross, cling to me, and truly follow after me in all you do. And I will fill your lamp! You will be well girded in the times of testing! My Spirit will take over and carry you through. Though you may become weary in the face of horrific wickedness, your love will not wax cold. You will endure to the end and you will be saved!