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Part V

Now Hide!

        It's true that the kingdom of darkness has dominion over the earth. But, as I've said, children of God "have been rescued from the dominion of darkness and transferred into the kingdom of God's dear Son", Colossians 1:13. So, we no longer have to be subject to dark policies, veils, walls, clouds, or any other form of evil rule and oppression. If we are still dominated, stifled, confounded or perplexed to any degree by darkness, it's because of at least one (or more) of the following:

  • we do not yet know how to contend with trespassors
  • we are blind to an aspect of God's truth which makes us vulnerable
  • or we're likely in agreement with or yielded somehow, somewhere, someway, to policies of darkness.
          There may be several things you have to learn before you will no longer be vulnerable to the dark kingdom. That's what this program is all about. By the time you finish it, you will be well rooted and established, firm in the truth, and untouchable.

​But what about right now?

          Though you are not established yet, there is still a way to be completely untouchable right now, and it's by hiding under the Almighty's wing. And the way to get there is, first, by believing that Jesus is the way to the Father. So, answer this:  Did Jesus make the way for you to connect with the Father? If yes, you can continue on. If you have any hesitancy in saying yes, you need to search God and discover this reality. You need to truly believe this. Otherwise, the rest of the program from here on out is irrelevant to you.

          Now, if you KNOW Jesus made the way for you to get to the Father, you must now do the following:

  • Get alone with God, somewhere private so that there's no distractions. 
  • Humble yourself. Remind God that you know that you were bought with a price and that He is the author of your life; that this life is not your own. If you've been chasing your desires and seeking your life, even well-being and healing, OVER seeking God first, repent.
  • Repent for all other sins, including all unbelief and doubt.  Ask God to create in you a clean heart and to renew an established spirit within you.
  • Now, take your eyes off what the devil is doing. Take your eyes off the assault(s) even. I know it's hard. Especially if you've just taken a serious blow. It hurts.  But look away from it right now. In fact, lay the situation, the offenders, the knife that was used, the pain, the consequences, all of it, at the feet of Jesus; and leave it there. Realize that the more you look at the garbage, the bigger it becomes and the worse it smells. Take your eyes off the garbage, regardless of how violated you were, and lay it all at the feet of Jesus.
  • Now look at what matters. And what does matter? The only thing that matters is that God is what's good, holy, eternal, constant, unending, perfect, wonderful and just. That even while there is nothing reliable in this life, Jesus is. That even though you are pummeled, this Ancient One remains upon His throne, never shaken; never hindered, never defeated. That even though you suffer now in a broken world, the Majestic One has made a way for you to be one with Him in eternal bliss some day and offers you supernatural peace in the storms of this life - if you'll lay hold of it. The only thing that matters is HE IS WORTHY despite the injustice and wickedness on earth. I repeat:  The only thing that matters, the only thing of significance, the only thing of relevance, the only thing worthy of our attention, is that God is worthy despite everything. God is absolute. God is beyond wonder. God is above all the raging darkness in the earth. God is the only thing that matters. So go to that place. Come into that reality. Step over into the conscious resolve for the only thing that matters. Reject all else. No matter how disturbing it all is. I'm telling you, none of it actually matters. Seriously. Don't bow to the disturbing aspects of this fallen, broken world! It's momentary, having no eternal effect. It does not matter. It is not relevant to who you are or your destiny. Mind the reality that matters. Humble yourself to this truth. Jesus really is the only thing that matters.  Am I telling you anything I've never done? No! In my darkest moments, I chose to focus on the fact that GOD IS STILL ON HIS THRONE, and wonderfully so. It is comforting to bask in that which is certain, beautiful, perfect and infinite when everything around you is falling apart. I learned to look past it all to that which is absolute and constant; and my joy was full despite the pain. I learned the truth as to how God literally is my refuge and strength in times of trouble, Psalm 46:1. Because HE IS. He simply and forever... IS. This is what kept and still keeps me. Discovering and laying hold of this helped change my life. In my darkest hours, I now know to just look at Jesus and my Father. And I become overwhelmed with thanksgiving that HE is my absolute.
  • Assuming you have truly laid everything that the devil's been doing down before God; and assuming you have stepped over into the reality that Jesus is the only thing that matters, now surrender your all. Tell God all that you are has come from Him and you give it all back to Him. Every hope, every desire, every ambition, every goal, every idea, every plan, and every dream. Give God your family and career, or lack thereof. If you still battle with lusts or have addictions, confess that you know He is your source of freedom to these and He will finish this deliverance in you - through your submission to Him.  If you're full of or even acquainted with resentment, anger, dissatisfaction, fear, worry, discontentment, jealousy, self-defense, selfishness, or pride, confess this to the Father and ask Him to wash you clean. I know you already repented when we started, but this is a deeper level.  Repent as you go along, as you come to understand where you've been out of line in your depths. Repentance is key.
  • Now tell the Lord that even though you've been a wreck and vulnerable to the strategies of darkness, you know you are safe in His care. Thank Him for being there for you. Thank Him for showing you how to hide in Him. And rest in Him. Knowing He is with you through your journey into manifest freedom. Rest. If you do not feel peace, then you have not fully yielded to the above instructions. Go back and begin again. If you want His peace, you must follow His path to get there. Again, it's through humility, repentance, surrender, looking away from the darkness and basking in the only thing that matters. If you can't look away from the darkness, then it is bigger to you than the Wonder of your Creator. Your faith is in the darkness, not in God. And this is to your demise. You will remain dominated by the kingdom of darkness. Go back and begin again.

          What we've just discussed is how to stay safe. Though you may still have particular agreements with darkness in your soul that you do not yet know about which has given the enemy legal authority over you, I'm telling you that by hiding under the shadow of the Almighty through continual humility, repentance and LOOKING AT HIM instead of the darkness, and REMAINING IN HIS PEACE no matter what stunt the devil pulls, you'll be safe! You'll be able to focus on this program and excel in your journey into the full stature of Christ wherein you'll finally see the enemy beneath your feet. Amen.