Section 1​​


          Despite walking with Jesus and being raised up in the Church for 30 years, I've discovered (as you'll most likely agree) that most of us Christians have barely scratched the surface as effective representatives of Christ. Though Section One of the ODJ Program outlines where we're "off" concerning what the Gospel is, the over-arching goal was to align us with the truth of our foundation and what being a true Christian is supposed to look like.

          Hopefully Section One has helped us to LOSE the following FALSE beliefs:

  • that all Christians are mandated to verbally share, teach, and spread the Gospel, if even in their own neck of the woods
  • that the Gospel primarily reflects salvation
  • that only some believers are also disciples
  • that when it comes to reading the Bible, we have to feel guilty if we don't read it religiously the same time every day, a specific portion every day, read it cover to cover, thinking of it as an obligation that makes us right with God 

          To the contrary, hopefully Section One has instead:

  • helped us realize that the Gospel is actually that God's Kingdom is right here with us, even in us, so that (in addition to the redemption of our sins and eternal life) we can live in supernatural peace, supernatural joy, supernatural power over the devil, supernatural power over sin, and prosperous in every way while still on earth
  • helped us realize that being a Christian means we are also disciples - that it's one and the same - which means we are to be devout learners, adherers, practicers and executioners of the kingdom of God and His government and policies
  • helped us realize that the Greatest Commission ever is actually that we grow in the attributes of Christ (supernatural peace, joy, patience, kindness, self control, meekness, righteousness, faith and love) by loving God above all else with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength
  • and helped us realize that the thorns of this life can be anything, even good things, and are sneaky and that the only way we can be true Christians is by putting God first, above all

          If we are going in circles, or worse, just going through the motions of Christianity, not really exemplifying Christ, or worse, if the devil has a field day wreaking havoc in our lives, being out of alignment (as most of the Church is) with the above foundational principles will keep you going in those same circles. Things will continue as they always were. Hopefully Section One establishes that we honestly don't know the Word of God like we think we do which is why the Church has not been very effective representatives of Christ and His authority.  So please make sure you understand Section One before moving forward. Ask God if your mind, heart and soul have all received the facts and done away with the false perspectives. 
          Now, what's equally important is taking action concerning overcoming your thorns so that God's attributes (fruits of the Spirit) can soar in you.  I've found that as I have grown in the fruit of the Spirit (though nowhere near to perfection), the devil has far less ability to mess with me because, when you're in true peace, for example, you aren't as vulnerable to the devil's tactics. You may get knocked down for a moment but you get back up much faster. Your reaction may be a startle but not devastation. When you're truly secure in God where joy is constant, even on a bad day, you can't be tossed about like a rag doll anymore. See, it's when we fail to apply these truths and grow in the attributes of Christ (love, peace, joy, etc) that the devil can mess with us so much more easily.
          But we haven't really understood what a true Christian is let alone being one. When the going gets tough, there's minimal demonstration of the Kingdom's attributes in the corporate body as a whole. True, we all start as babes in Christ and aren't going to rock the fruit of the Spirit over night. But when years go by and we're still just getting by, not growing up, this is why. It's because we haven't understood what the Gospel is, what a Disciple is, and the greatest commision to grow up in Him. 
          I'm preaching to myself as much as anyone. Just because the Lord releases insight and wisdom to me doesn't mean I've mastered applying it. I'm still a major work in progress. But, I repeatedly see the drastic impact that practicing what I preach has had on my life! The Word is true! It is power. It transforms! But...
          We can't just "casually" listen to solid teaching and walk away not applying it with all our heart anymore That's not a true Christian. If you're a medical student, you need to search the instruction out and meditate on it to get it inside you so you can apply what you've learned when the time comes. Not just listen to lectures. Yet, we do not have the same regard as stewards of the Kingdom of God. 
          We know the emphasis of the Church has been how much God loves us. And the focus has been His grace. But this has allowed us to become a very spotted bride that bears minimal fruit, clueless of what we're capable of, and failing to spread the Kingdom of God by virtue of our life example, fruit, and authority.
          Again, I hope Section One served to correct the error of the Great Commission, the NECESSITY to bear fruit, the totality of what the Gospel is, and the meticulous clarification as to what a disciple is and ISN'T, so that we'll have a far better grasp as to who we, the Church, really are; and what we should be doing.

Please click on the link below to download the printable checkpoint questionnaire. You do not have to print it out, you can simply review the questions mentally. But it is printable for those who wish to keep records of progress.

Once you complete the checkpoint questions, if you find that your answers demonstrate that you are ensnared with thorns, struggling to love the Lord with all your heart, and feel overwhelmed at the notion of overcoming, then complete Devotional #1 in Section 1.

However, if your answers demonstrate that you are resolved and ready but that there are still things that distract you or compete for your devotion at times, and you're fed up with it,  then complete Devotional #2 in Section 1.

Overcomer's Checkpoint Questions