Section 1​​



          Heavenly Father, Thank you for all you have done to bring me back to you, to deliver me and call me into alignment with your reality. But Father, I'm struggling. You know the challenges in my life, you know my habits/addictions, you know how discouraged I get. Father, it feels like I may never actually come into the fullness of who you are and all you've done for me. I see what you're saying in the things you teach me, but it hasn't taken solid root! And now I know more clearly why - which is because there's so much about this life and my history that rules me. I don't want it to, but it does! 

          This program has shed plenty of light on where I am, how, though I love you, I confess, you aren't my highest priority. There's so many things in my life that my heart gives greater focus to. I'm so entangled in these thorns, Lord, and I feel (somewhat or completely) hopeless about it.  A (small/huge) part of me doesn't even want to bother trying anymore.

          But here I am, Father. I come before you, once again, desperate for your forgivess and the cleansing power of the blood of your Son. Oh God, wash me clean now of all unrighteousness and forgive me for the pollution of my soul. Forgive me for my love affair with and obsession over the things of this life, be it the good things, bad things, or issues. Forgive me for not understanding your Kingdom and all of your ways. Forgive me for carrying the cares of this life instead of bearing Kingdom Peace, Kingdom Joy, Kingdom Patience, and Kingdom Self-Control. 

          Father, though it feels hopeless, I concede right now that YOUR WORD IS TRUE. I have confessed my sin, you forgive me so your power is within me to move forward and overcome. Not by might (my will)... not by power (my own strength)... but by your Spirit! I declare unto the depths of my soul that you are great in me and YOU are capable. Thank you, Father! Thank you for making the way in me. Because it's hopeless outside of your power in me. REGARDLESS HOW I FEEL, YOU ARE IN ME AND YOU ARE CAPABLE. PERIOD. I believe this now Father. Therefore, you can prosper in me now! Your truth can now take flight in me and help me overcome these thorns!

          My life belongs to you, the Author of all life. Have your way in me. I choose you first. True, there's other things in this life that still have their hooks in me, but I confess right now that...


         Father, I choose to lay them down. I choose to declare they are sub par. They are all finite. They are all secondary to my existence. They may need to remain a part of what I am involved with on this earth, but they are subject to you. They do not rule me. I no longer grant them my allegience. No matter how dependent upon them I'd always been, it's no more. I'm dependent upon you alone. You are my hope, Father, not the things of this life.

          And I lay down all the worrying and distress I've had over things like the bills or other things that are important to me that haven't worked out. I confess that walking in anxiety or obsession over anything is not a holy Kingdom policy, but is the way of the dark kingdom! Forgive me, Father. I choose your peace in all these things now, Lord. I choose to trust you. I lay all this false programming down and choose to walk with you on all the matters of this life from this day forward. Please hold my hand tight, Father, yanking me back into reality if I begin to operate out of these false ways. Please stop me in my tracks. Please, no matter how compelled I am to operate out of my old ways, please BOLDLY address me. I know you are gentle, but SCREAM at me to cut it out. I'm asking you for this help, Father. I'm giving you permission to do whatever you have to do to pull me back in line - and to do so as quickly as possible. Please do not allow me to entertain my thorns and get away with it. You say you discipline those you love, then prove your love. Discipline me if I refuse to listen to you, Your Majesty! I need your help in this. I do not want to be stuck here, caught up in all the stuff of this life and unable to keep you first. Father, I want these thorns gone. YOU are what really matters. My being just doesn't get it yet. HELP my entire being to recognize this truth, that you are all that really matters! Stay close to me like white on rice and boldy address me every second that I'm loving or catering to or worrying over this life above you. I know I will still esteem things here which is normal. But please don't let me OVER esteem them to where they are choking the life of your Spirit and Word out of me! Father, I plead with you to do whatever it takes. My flesh is too bossy, too demanding, and too selfish. I confess this. I repent for this. But I also know that without your intervention, I will remain this way.

          Father, I choose to stand on the TRUTH that "I have been crucified with Christ. It's no longer I that lives, but Christ that lives in me. The life I live in this body I live by faith in the Son of God who loves me and gave Himself for me".  Galatians 2:20.  And "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me", Philippians 4:13. 

          Father, those scriptures are fact, I just haven't made them my truth. I have, instead, made false things my truth. My soul has believed this is my life. My soul has been (desperately) chasing things like comfort, satiation, vindication, vengeance, recognition, fulfillment, and even love. But now I see, Father, I'm not in this earth for my soul to get all these, rather, I'm here for you. So I lay my whole self down once and for all. I surrender everything I've been running to or relying on to complete me in place of you. And I surrender my anxiety over the trials of this life including my finances, relationships, and all else. I will trust you. Take my life. Have your way, Oh God.

          In Jesus' Name, Amen.