Section 7
Lesson 3

Where We Go Wrong

          Though we pray, worship, read our Bibles, go to church, obey or repent when we fail; though we actively pursue God, many of us still can't seem to break through. Something's amiss. Something's just not right. Perhaps we're not having direct encounters with the Lord via visions, dreams or otherwise, on a regular basis like we KNOW we could and even should be. Perhaps we still lack in Christ's authority over darkness. Perhaps we're still struggling with various aspects of our lives or merely knowing our purpose. Or worse, perhaps we're still seeing darkness prevail in our lives. 

      The most common denominators I've recognized in the lives of sincere believers who are still struggling to one degree or another are:

  •   They still have idolatry in their hearts. Certain aspects of their flesh with all its desires, preoccupations, goals, ambitions, hopes and dreams (despite how good they are) remain in competition with or more important than seeking God's kingdom and His righteosness first. Sure, the kingdom of God and His rigteousness are still important to them, but not as important because their heart's focus is elsewhere. So even while they are spending time with God, there is something else on the back of their mind of equal or greater value than God.  I've personally witnessed how the level of my passion for God's kingdom goes to a simmer when I would allow the things of this life to mean more than they need to or should. True, we have to live this life and we're going to have ambitions for things here that have no eternal value such as buying a home, getting an education, taking a fitness program to get healthy, eating, getting the right job, etc. These things are normal parts of life but when they mean more to us and demand our passion more than our passion for God's kingdom and His righteousness, they're idols. Not that working a 40 or even an 80 hour a week job is more important than God, no. Rather, its the measure of love for the job, the meditations of our heart for it, for example, that's the idol. It's fine to love your job but not so much that it's like a treasure more precious than the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. And we'll know if something's an idol just by the fact that we aren't as zealous in our pursuit for the Lord.                                                                                For another example, say someone really needs a financial breakthrough. This is a legitimate "preoccupation", indeed. But only to a certain degree.  Again, if the need for a breakthrough holds more meaning to them than the kingdom of God itself, if they obsess over it or constantly think about and meditate on "what if this" or "what if that", this is loving it more than God and will serve as a blockade between them and all that the kingdom of God has for them - including the financial breakthrough. So, we must always be judging our hearts, looking to see what it is truly most passionate about. Let's not kid ourselves. Let's face the truth. If our passion for anything in this life is equal to or greater than our passion for the kingdom of God and His righteousness, then we aren't truly one with God at that time . So we'll have to confess the idol and turn from it, and come back to full unity with Christ. In this case, it would mean placing the need for the financial breakthrough at God's feet, seeking His kingdom and righteousness first, trusting Him for all needs, and following His lead.  Idolatry is a huge blockade between a child of God and His plan and blessings for them. Always be on the look-out for idols!
  • They still haven't recognized particular spirits they're in agreement with, or strongholds they may have in their souls. For example, the spirit of fear is very sneaky. It's not always obvious; is difficult to recognize. Nonetheless, agreeing with or operating in a spirit of fear will definitely put a barrier between a believer and God, preventing the fullness of God's river and life from manifesting in their lives.  An example would be say the believer that needed a financial breakthrough who, despite the obvious struggle of it, actually was not in idolatry because God is truly their greatest passion; and they applied the truths of God to the matter by walking in peace, rejecting anxiety when the bills came in and, instead, presented their request to God with thanksgiving, leaving their cares at His feet. They refused to worry but, instead, thanked Him that He had a plan, knowing full well He has their back, and will make everything work out.  BUT... after all that alignment with Christ, say they suddenly get a call for an interview. It's for an amazing opportunity that they know they don't fully qualify for, so fear sneaks right in. "How is this even possible?" they ask themselves.  They fear that when the employer finds out about the lack of credentials, this amazing opportunity will fly right out the window.  They get upset at the idea of the tease this is since it's too good to be true and nothing good ever happens for them. They're convinced it's not going to work out.  Suddenly, they are agreeing with a spirit of fear and operating in doubt which are policies of darkness. They are no longer in alignment with or operating in truth. They're no longer secure in the benefits of the kingdom of God, knowing full well that if God intends for them to get this position, that's exactly what's going to happen. Regardless of what credentials they don't have.  So we see how this believer did walk in a measure of the truth, but there is still something deep in their soul not yet resolved in the whole truth. Therefore, they were vulnerable to a spirit of fear. Of course, Holy Spirit is faithful to do all He can to bring this to the believer's attention, but it's up to them to pay attention - which - we often sadly don't.  The only way to ensure we do not operate in or agree with the liar, be it a spirit of fear or something else, is by knowing God's truths such as what's been conveyed throughout this program, and by vigilantly working with the Holy Spirit concerning all you may need to know in regards to what's in your soul and any propensity to sin. We must remain in earnest communication with Him, seeking the truth; especially the truth of where we still falter.
  • Their flesh is in the way; even dragging them down.  God has made it profoundly clear to me how, even with no idolatry in my heart or agreements with lying spirits, if I don't crucify my flesh, it will be a blockage between Him and me. The more dominant the flesh, the more it hinders how well our spirits can hear, see, and receive from the Lord. (See the details of my "You Can't Bring Your Flesh" dream.) Although there are plenty of aspects in this earth life that require tending to the flesh which is normal, when our flesh doesn't know its place and tries to join us on our ventures in the Spirit, it will only be in the way, interrupt, and muffle the presence of God.                                                                                                           Whenever we approach God to pray, worship, study or meditate upon His Word, whether at church, a Bible study or in our private chambers, these are always "spirit sessions" (See Section 3 for these teachings.) The flesh has no place in a spirit session. Yet, because we've been comfortable bringing our flesh along (perhaps a snack or candy for the sermon; perhaps electronic devices incase we get important texts; or perhaps a notepad to doodle or jot down the shopping list should something pop into our mind, etc.), our flesh never learns its place. So it's all the more domineering when we aren't in a spirit session. We meandor along in our journey with God thinking it's okay that our flesh is on board. Oh, we think it's fine because there's no "sin" in the way we're so routinely beckoning to the "harmless" things of the flesh. But it is wrong because when the five carnal senses are peaking, the many senses of our spirits are not. Our flesh is nonchalantly standing between our spirits and His Spirit. And this definitely hinders our connection with God.  We must crucify our flesh so that our spirits may thrive. If we do not, we will not prosper to the fullness of Christ. Things will remain the same in our lives.
  • They still have known or unknown sin in their lives. Pride, unforgiveness, selfishness, etc. These are the not-so-obvious sins that so many of us are left to get away with. There's plenty of accountability for sexual immorality in most churches, for example. But these obscure sins often go undetected, or are ignored by fellow believers, and even ourselves.  Of course, sin is a wall between us and God whether we realize we are sinning or not. (See how God showed me I was "Dancing With The Devil".) True, we've been forgiven for all of our sins (lest we don't forgive) and God's grace is sufficient which means we won't get sent to Hell for making mistakes after we are saved. But sin has no part in the kingdom of God. If the kingdom of God is in us but we are willfully or unwittingly sinning, then the kingdom of God in us is hindered. It will not dwell with sin. That's why the Bible, in speaking to Christians, says, the sexually immoral and all else will not inherit the kingdom of God:  1 Corinthians 6:8-10, "Instead, you yourselves are the ones who do wrong and cheat even your fellow believersDon’t you realize that those who do wrong will not inherit the Kingdom of God? Don’t fool yourselves. Those who indulge in sexual sin, or who worship idols, or commit adultery, or are male prostitutes, or practice homosexuality, or are thieves, or greedy people, or drunkards, or are abusive, or cheat people—none of these will inherit the Kingdom of God."   Again, these are believers. These people are "saved" and will go to Heaven (lest they directly abandon the faith or are given over to the depraivity of their minds). But while they are on earth, the kingdom of God which Jesus brought into the earth via His life and death as man, will not prosper in these believers.  This means the only way to activate the kingdom of God in them is by repenting and truly walking in allignment with God.                                                                                                     Remember, the kingdom of God is a government and power headed up by the Spirit of the Living Christ. Sin, known or unknown, is in opposition to that kingdom. The kingdom being honored is the kingdom power that's activated in or through our lives. Therefore, the kingdom of darkness has that particular measure of legal authority granted to them by the believers practices.  But all is not hopeless! The way to ensure that there is nothing in us that  grants the dark kingdom power while simultaneously stunting the manifest presence of the kingdom of God in us is, again, by knowing the whole truth of His Word and vigilantly working with Holy Spirit to identify the errors of our way so that we can repent and put them out. It's an ongoing process. But, if we truly love God, we'll routinely let Him check us for any wrongs so that we can come into perfect alignment with Him and His kingdom.