OvercomIng darkness

Journey Program
When we were born again, we were supposed to begin our journey down the narrow path.  This journey includes a new identity,  a transformation process, authority in Christ, and direct access to the throne room in Heaven via the Holy Spirit who now lives in us. 

Unfortunately, most of us have yet to lay hold of who we are. Many struggle with coming into the fullness of Christ, and into all His benefits.  Though the answers that guide us to victory are all in the Bible, the majority of us are only getting so far.

Paula Cross began her journey in 1988 and despite genuinely giving her all, she lived defeated for her first 20+ years as a believer. But because of her desperate pursuit for answers as to how this was so, as well as her longing to experience what she knew the Bible said, Holy Spirit worked with her on her level, giving her dreams, visions, and encounters whereby truths of the Bible came to life for her.

Consequently, Paula's journey was a very slow, but steady, climb. And now the countless truths the Holy Spirit taught her have Paula increasingly and effectively living in the manifest reality of her identity in Christ Jesus, and over the power of the devil.  The walls that once barricaded her have been torn down! She has been prospering in every possible way! Paula Cross has been completely delivered and now works diligently to bring the same to the body of Christ.

The ODJ Program is a compliation of all the scriptural lessons and revelation that the Holy Spirit taught her over the course of 30 years. Though it all reflects teachings we're well versed in, the WHOLE picture of God's message is presented in a fresh way with keen insight and intricate tweaking from the many ways we've been off kilter. Every scriptural truth is taught by someone with first-hand, experiential revelation. And everything is laid out in such a way that, if studied from beginning to end, will bring deeper understanding of the scriptures to truth seekers like never before. And for those who apply what's taught here, they will experience complete deliverance over every power of the enemy! And they'll come into the literal power of God!

Jesus spoke in parables when He was here for a reason.  But the hour of clear understanding through the Holy Spirit, through His teachers and genuine, Holy Spirit-breathed programs like this one, is upon us.

Those who take this program can expect to be refined in their belief system. They should anticipate the puzzle pieces coming together. They should also expect plenty of light bulbs to go off. They should anticipate powerful encounters with the Holy Spirit. And they should anticipate that where there has been confusion and debilitating strongholds, there will now be clarity and ever-increasing stability. Those who take this program should gear up to finally grasp the whole point of the Gospel like never before.

The 12 Month ODJ Program includes the following:

  • As of Spring 2020, there are 51 Modules worth of training. Due to extenuating circumstances, the program will not be finished until 2021 at which time there will be between 100-150 total modules. More than Fresh, revelational, supernaturally experienced, scripturally sound, Holy Spirit inspired insight into common (and not so common) teachings in the Church that will help bring the body of Christ into full alignment with His truths, into His power & authority, into their destiny & purpose, and into manifest victory over the devil. There's no reason anyone who takes this program and thoroughly completes it should remain in the same relentless cycles. A sample lesson may be reviewed prior to deciding to register.
  • Weekly Guidance Emails:  Because people are busy and because the devil likes to distract believers away from focusing on God, Members will receive one email every week that will not only serve as a reminder to get back to the program, but will encourage and provide morsels of guidance and insight. Though Members can take as long as they want to do the program, however, the weekly emails will only come for the duration of 1 year.
  • Members Only Connection Blog:  Most Members are too busy with the program and life to focus on this blog. But some Members desire to connect with like-minded believers. They will be able to do so through this exclusive Members only blog where they will be invited and encouraged to share revelations, testimonies, and even dreams and visions from the Lord. 
  • Prayer Coverage:  The weekly emails will sometimes include prayers over the Members concerning their Christian journey.
  • Renouncement / Deliverance Prayers Correlated with Specific Lessons
  • Bonus Devotionals Correlated with Specific Lessons
  • Deliverance Webinars (When Available) Eventually, webinars will be scheduled whereby specific teaching and deliverance will be the focal points.
  • 30% off Consultations  This may not last long due to time constrainsts, but for now, Members will have access to 1-3 hour phone consultations for 30% off non-member prices.

COST OF THE ODJ PROGRAM:  For now, a donation is required to sign up for the program.  

QUIZZES & TESTING:  The program does not include any quizzing or tests. You will work at your own pace. Your manifest victory is what demonstrates how well you learned the teachings.

JUST ONE YEAR?   This is called a one year program based on the amount of the materials provided and the estimated amount of time it should take to thoroughly go through it all. However, this is a LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION so you may work through the teachings at your own pace but do so in order since the teachings build upon each other, and take as long as you need. However, the guidance emails which serve to help keep you centered in Christ, encouraged and covered in prayer, will only come for the sum duration of twelve full months.   And, yes, the emails will correlate with particular sections, but they will serve as nuggets and guidance regardless if you are not studying the correlated sections of the program at that time. It is advised that you create a special folder to place all ODJ Program Emails to reflect upon if necessary.